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There are many ways for businesses to increase their reach and attract more customers. Billboards are a good way to help advertise a brand. Well-placed television ads also help make potential customers aware of what services or products are for sale. 

And then there’s the internet. A digital forum that has steadily grown to become so much more than an online market over the last ten years. Many users consider the internet to be more of a friend and helper, instead of a digital platform with information on it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small, medium, or big business brand aiming at local, national, or global markets, if you’re not utilizing the vast reach of the internet, there’s a big chance that you’ll get left behind by your competitors. 

Still not convinced? Then let us introduce you to some eCommerce techniques (i.e. SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads) and explain how your business can benefit from them.

Allow us to give you a brief introduction to what SEO is and what it does. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way to let search engines, such as Google and Bing, find and rank your website. 

This is what website design companies don’t tell you when they sell you their product: designing and launching your website doesn’t automatically make it appear on the first page when internet users are searching for products and services.

By employing SEO techniques, you can improve your business’ online presence organically, to a point where your website does all the work for you, and all you have to do is concentrate on running your business.

 SEO helps your business’ website rank higher in the search results.

The main benefits of utilizing SEO tactics include:

  • Drives traffic to your business’ website
  • Helps to develop your business brand’s authority
  • Bolsters a positive user experience for your customers
  • Increases lead generation
  • Establishes your brand, making it more valuable
  • Generates long-lasting, reliable results that last for months, even years
  • Is a cost-effective way to build your business brand

It is important to note that using SEO tactics for your business is not quick and easy work. You have to put in a lot of time to optimize and promote your business brand’s website. 

SEO work requires diligence, patience, and effort in large amounts – you’ll know this if you have tried to do it yourself. The benefits SEO provides for your business is very much worth it, but when you run a company or business, it’s important to balance your time + effort = effective results very carefully. That’s where the goblins can help.

Meet Your New Best Friends: Google and Bing Ads

 In online marketing, there’s a term that a lot of online marketers call PPC. PPC stands for “pay-per-click,” and it simply means that advertisers would have to pay a certain fee whenever someone clicks on their ads. In other words, it’s a model of online marketing that allows site owners to buy visits for their websites, instead of “earning” those visits organically. These types of ads help businesses in a myriad of ways.

Ads Allow You to Reach Your Customers More Efficiently – Google and Bing ads can help your online business brand to be found on the first page of search engines. Being one of the first results in many search engines lets your customers find your products and services in an easier manner.

Ads Help You Attract Local Customers – Most of the time, Google and Bing Ads have location targeting options. This feature helps your business by making your brand visible to local customers in the same area as your bricks and mortar establishment or to the audience you are targeting your market towards. Generating local leads is good for any business because it helps them on many levels by opening up the opportunity of good word-of-mouth and growing into a more valuable and more trustworthy brand. Plus, it helps improve local revenue streams as well.

Ads Make it Easier for Customers to Find Your Location – This benefit ties into the location targeting options we mentioned earlier. Ads such as Google AdWords can make it easier for customers to find your location. You can even use it in conjunction with their Google Maps software to provide useful directions that lead directly to your business’ physical store or office.

Ads Give You the Ability to Target Highly Specific Searches – Another reason why Google and Bing ads are so great is because they allow businesses to target highly specific searches using “keywords”. For example: by utilizing keywords into your Google AdWords, you help Google’s search engine to rank your ads more efficiently.

Ads Help You to Run Multiple Campaigns – When it comes to marketing, campaigns are one of the best ways to generate both leads and traffic for your business. These types of ads can help you run multiple campaigns that you can use to your advantage. Setting up fundraisers, wedding planning, and corporate events in one go can more easily help drive your marketing campaign into a better position.

Setting Up an eCommerce Website

Now, all of these helpful techniques would be for naught if you haven’t set up an eCommerce website for your business. The beauty of having an eCommerce website is that you can: 

  • Use it as your business’ main hub
  • Gather useful information from it to help you improve business functionality
  • Personalize the overall customer experience of your online shop
  • Utilize it to greatly expand your reach
  • Guide you where to put in more service options for your customers

 You’ve probably heard of how difficult it is to set up an eCommerce website, but don’t let that intimidate you. Always keep in mind that the benefits of SEO, Google and Bing Ads, and having an eCommerce website is exponentially huge. All of your troubles will certainly be worth it in the end!

How SEO Helps Your Business

Targeted Approach

SEO Goblins will assist you to effectively reach out to your target market every hour of the day or night. Whether your goal is to be the leading influence in your local area or extend throughout the nation and world, our SEO methods will increase the traffic of your website!

Tailored Solutions

Every single client has different strengths and needs. SEO Goblins promises to deliver tailored solutions that are unique and reliable. We guarantee to give your business the edge and make it stand-out from the competition!

Expert Communication

For a business to continually increase profitability, it must interact and connect with every potential customer, continually and successfully. At SEO Goblins, we think expert communication and marketing creates a solid foundation and a strong business network, and that’s exactly what we will help your website do! Give a goblin a call today.

Winning SEO and ECommerce Results

If you’re looking to outrank your competitor, then you’ve come to the right place because our eCommerce services are designed to do just that. You can rest assured that your website will have an increase in lead generation by the end of the day!

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